Age: 51

Children: Jerome and Jodie

Brother: Kevin 1st Degree Black Belt

Niece: Neema 1st Degree Black Belt

Other Martial Arts: Wu Shu Kwan – Wing Chun – Aikido – Thai Boxing

Barry started training under Sifu Barry Hunte when he was 16 years old together with friends in the 1970s at a training hall in Fulham. With his friends they used to train 3-5 times a week; followed by frequently watching late night Kung Fu movies in Putney at the weekends.

Barry also travelled from Fulham to Finsbury Park on Sundays to attend classes under Sifu Derek of Wu Shu Kwan. At that class they often get a “beating” from the black belts who used them as “practice” punch-bag; but that did not deter them from going back the following week to train. Owing to change of work and long distance to Finsbury Park, Barry stopped training with Sifu Derek and started his training with his son, Jerome, under Sifu Barry Hunte. At that time, he also trained under Sifu George Robinson, another instructor of Wu Shu Kwan.

When he was training for his 2nd and 3rd Degree ZSK Black Belt at Sifu Hunte and Sifu Cudjoe classes, he appreciated all the support and advice given to him. Barry is now in his 50s and still trains whenever he can. Thanks to ZSK’s training programme, he is still as fit as when he was 30. He believes that to maintain one’s health, you should never give up your training completely: this is one of the things that martial arts had taught him.

Barry loves travelling all over the world: as a Chef, he had worked on 5 cruise ships and had the opportunities to see many countries, from America to Asia. He enjoys a fusion of international food including watching films from all over the world. His hobbies includes designing clothes for himself and others, collecting martial arts’ weapons such as Samurai Swords, Tai Chi and Broad Swords, Long Staff or Bo, Thai Swords and Spears. His work experience includes being a Massage Therapist, Security and Bodyguard.

Barry’s aspiration and beliefs are: “To gain what you want, you need to work hard”, that is the same in training as it is in your everyday life. The harder you train, the better result you will get. Understand what you are doing: your shadow boxing forms, fixed sparring etc. Do not just do the movements – you need to understand why and how to execute these techniques in order to improve. Remember, ‘Yin and Yang’ is enshrined in martial arts teachings and to be the best you need to understand the “techniques” you have learnt and apply it to your life experiences. It may be good to be able to fight or defend yourself (in the process hurt someone), but greater, to be able to heal or help someone”.