I started my martial arts journey in 1992 when I joined Zhuan Shu Kuan with my friends and trained under Sifu Barry Hunte during my teenage years. I was highly inspired by my instructor, Sifu Hunte and was keen to learn more from him. Sifu Hunte always shared past stories about Master Koh’s style of teachings and techniques, the students of the “old school” and how dedicated and effective they were with their fighting and self-defence techniques.

My fascination with ZSK’s Chinese Kickboxing system made me want to learn more. I was devoted to my training literally, 7 days a week during my early years, trying to understand and apply the art in a “real” situation. I could say that the self-defence system works for me, as I have had to use my defensive skills on numerous occasions.

I believe, I am a devoted 3rd Degree black belt disciple of ZSK: passionate to teach the art to students willing to learn from the skills, knowledge and experience acquired during the past 20 years.

In my more “active” training period, I have participated in ZSK’s internal competition and the external competition, “San Shou”.

I have also trained under Sifu Cudjoe and Sifu Errol Robinson in the past and currently train under Sifu Hunte and Master Koh.

My key areas of interests are self-defence, breaking techniques and “freestyle” long staff weapon.
Other areas of the art that are very important to me are the “traditional” shadow boxing forms and sparring against fellow students.