Master Koh and Master L Y Kam founded ZHUAN SHU KUAN in 1988 following their separation with Grand Master C K Chang of Wu Shu Kwan. Both co-founders are Chinese Boxing exponents in the traditional and modern art of Chinese Kick-Boxing. Their training and teaching experience spans over 45 years, both in the United Kingdom and in their country of origin.

The term, “Zhuan Shu” means “Fist Art”, and “Kuan” mean an association or society.

ZSK’s system of Chinese Kick-Boxing is based on traditional Chinese pugilistic arts combined with a modern approach to practical self-defence, fitness development and leisure pursuit. The training syllabus derived from traditional movements of Wu Shu and Tiger Crane system taught by the late Master Ang Lian Huat of Nam Yang Pugilistic Association in Singapore.

The traditional training system adopts a grading system coupled with modern teaching system to bring the best of both old and new school of martial arts development. The Association now includes an intensive training system for those who only wish to concentrate on improving their physical fitness and perfecting their hand and leg techniques.  In 2014, ZSK opened a new club called, ZSK Mixed Combat Academy, headed by resident instructors, Nicholas Koh and Jay Leigh Taylor, based at Uxbridge, Middlesex.

Since the inception of Zhuan Shu Kuan 26 years ago, Master Koh has deliberately kept the Association small with the sole aim of maintaining “quality” rather than “quantity” in terms of attaining high standards of martial arts development. The Association’s well established roots of family members is proof of our elite system that strives for quality, loyalty and devotion after more than 25 years.

The Association’s philosophy is of a non-political nature and welcomes students who wish to train diligently under ZSK’s Code of Practice:

Loyalty: to uphold the teachings of Zhuan Shu Kuan

Obedience: dedication and devotion to righteousness and a code of conduct, both as a person and a trained disciple of ZSK

Valour: courage when faced with difficulties, and the inclination to fight for and defend what is right

Enlightenment: cultivate a peaceful and humble nature towards others, especially those less fortunate.