Nigel was born in London on 18 March 1956. He started his martial arts training with Wu Shu Kwan in 1975 under Bilgin Oz and has trained with Master Koh since 1976. He achieved his first blackbelt in 1982. Nigel passed his 3rd Degree status in 1996 and attained his 4th Degree in 2003. He continues his weekly training under Master Koh at Kensington Sports Centre.

Nigel lives in Croydon and is married to Anne since 1978 and both will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this year. They have three children Mark, James and Nicole.

As well as an exponent of ZSK system of Chinese Boxing, Nigel has a keen interest in all sports, particularly football where he spent many years managing and/or coaching junior football teams and golf. Nigel is a keen Chelsea fan but training on Saturdays limits his attendance at matches.

Nigel joined the Civil Service straight from school and was recently promoted to Chief Inspector of Fisheries. He has over 100 staff located throughout England and Wales; responsible for enforcing the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy and the conservation of fish stocks. His aims for ZSK are to see the organisation continue to produce excellent practioners with good spirit. Nigel is an appointed member of the ZSK Technical Committee and assists in the running of ZSK open gradings.