Welcome to Zhuan Shu Kuan

Welcome to ZSK’s web site, designed to promote better communications and build stronger ties between our fellow members.

Although small by comparison against other martial art styles, we have already achieved considerable success and recognition in numerous external competitions organised by established schools, such as Kyokushinkai, San Shou and numerous Full-Contact tournament organisers in the UK.

However, our measure of success is not based on the size of our organisation or members, but down to our willingness to impart knowledge and skills to those who join us, regardless of race, religion, age or sexual orientation. Unlike most martial arts schools, we like our organisation to be small, non-political with the aim of helping those who want to learn and be part of the ZSK Chinese Kickboxing family.

Training is not down to luck or chance, but long hours of hard work, dedication and sacrifice, coupled with a strong desire to improve and succeed. The key to success is to be guided by your Sifu who shares the same vision and has the ability and knowledge to guide you to the top.

ZSK teaches 2 types of training programmes: traditional syllabus system based on grade structure and an intensive/kickboxing training system to improve cardiovascular fitness and the extensive use of hand and kicking techniques. Our traditional and intensive kickboxing systems are designed to help practitioners attain knowledge  and skills, by applying “theory” to “practice” and knowing how to apply their technical skills in a real environment. Master Koh’s current classes incorporate both the traditional and intensive/kickboxing into one session, giving students the best of both systems.

The Association’s training programme aims to provide a safe and proven method of learning; where health, fitness development, self-defence and the sharing of knowledge and skills can be encouraged between fellow practitioners.

We welcome new or novice students, including practitioners from other martial arts school who wish to improve their skills and knowledge under ZSK’s Training System [click to view video training intro].

Tenets of ZSK and Codes of Conduct


The Association’s philosophy is of a non-political nature and welcomes students who wish to train diligently under ZSK’s Code of Practice:

Loyalty: to uphold the teachings of Zhuan Shu Kuan

Obedience: dedication and devotion to righteousness and a code of conduct, both as a person and a trained disciple of ZSK

Valour: courage when faced with difficulties, and the inclination to fight for and defend what is right

Enlightenment: cultivate a peaceful and humble nature towards others, especially those less fortunate.


A clean official Zhuan Shu Kuan training suit/uniform should be worn.

Good sportsmanship combined with a sincere attitude to training is strongly encouraged.

Bow to the resident sifu when entering or leaving the training ground.

In order to maintain concentration during training, avoid unnecessary conversation with fellow students.

Be respectful to your fellow members and aim to create a warm and strong team spirit.


A Zhuan Shu disciple should never use his/her knowledge of Chinese Boxing except for self-defence.

Always strive for peacefulness and self-control – do not cultivate an aggressive attitude.

Your code of conduct in public should be a reflection of your well trained and disciplined approach.



Any person of good character, irrespective of nationality, race or creed, may apply for membership of Zhuan Shu Kuan.

The Association shall have the discretion to reject or refuse any application, whether new, renewal or re-application without giving a reason.

Application should be made through the applicant’s own sifu (teacher).